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Having become an accomplished performer, arranger, and composer of music, Tony Rizzotto’s reputation as a Renaissance man is preceded only by the 20+ years of work and experience he shares with those who have come in contact with him. While having performed on some of the grandest platforms in music, tv and radio, he is probably best known for his contributions in music education having created a progressive new education system that helps the 21st century guitar student receive a comprehensive music education; Fretscapes.

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What is Fretscapes?
Fretscapes is a musical experience designed to help students realize their maximum musical potential and teach them not just how to play, but how to create with the guitar. The music in Fretscapes is based around the "New American Tradition" in music, which encompasses all popular contemporary forms - Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country, Classical, etc - into one complete package.

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