Most major guitar methods focus on developing a high-level of skill, but an overwhelming majority find it too hard to learn, or fail to see a pathway to success. Fretscapes puts the experience back into learning guitar and gives students a chance to not only develop a musical skillset, but to use the guitar as an instrument for expression.
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What is Fretscapes?
Fretscapes is a musical experience designed to help students realize their maximum musical potential and teach them not just how to play, but how to create with the guitar. The music in Fretscapes is based around the "New American Tradition" in music, which encompasses all popular contemporary forms - Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country, Classical, etc - into one complete package.
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The New American Tradition

The New American Tradition in Music is the rebirth and repurpose of traditional American style in contemporary musical forms. This has been practiced for the better part of 5 decades in performance and composition; Fretscapes is the first to use it as the pathway to learning an instrument: Guitar.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Fretscapes is a complete educational solution for students and teachers alike. If you are a parent, please click here, to see our Frequently Asked Questions. Teachers please Get In Touch after you have read the FAQ to find out how you can teach it in your area.
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