Frequently Asked Questions

***Important Information Regarding Fretscapes***

In 2016, Vol. 1 of Fretscapes was licensed to the Yamaha Corporation of America and in the summer of 2017, was released into music schools all across North America making it the first contemporary guitar progam distributed by a major instrument manufacturer.

While Vol. 1 is no longer available for distribution, Vol. 2 is still available and is currently being re-editied and re-released with the new Vol. 1 in the Spring of 2018. However, anyone who purchases Vol. 2 before the release date will receive the new edition at no additional cost.

Who is Fretscapes for?
Fretscapes was designed for the young guitar student, aged 8-10, however, the music contained within the program is not “kids music” and is appropriate for learning the guitar at any age. Fretscapes graduates have been as young as 10 and as old as 73. It really is music for everyone.

How is Fretscapes structured?
Fretscapes can be an “all-in” approach to learning or it can be a supplemental program. That really depends on what goals a student has set with their teacher. Fretscapes is structured to ensure music skill is being developed as a student progresses through the program.

How long does the course last?
Fretscapes does not have a pre-determined length. Since it is a private lesson program, students advance as quickly as is appropriate for their study habits. The advancement is solely at the discretion of the their instructor. From beginning to end, Fretscapes includes over 65 original pieces of music, which can take anywhere from 4-6 years to finish with constant study.

What do I need to buy?
For the average family, Fretscapes is very minuscule on the budget. Aside from the lesson cost, which can vary from region to region, any appropriately sized guitar for the student as well as a tuner is necessary. The Fretscapes Vol. 1 and 2 books are available for purchase via

What if I have a Steel String guitar?
Nylon string guitars are preferred, but not mandatory. However, younger students who use the nylon string guitar tend to advance quicker than a student of the same age with a steel string guitar.

How can I get started?
You can walk into any authorized Yamaha Music School in North America to request a trial lesson, or if you do not live near one, you can contact Tony Rizzotto to find an authorized teacher in your area.

I’m a teacher interested in providing this course to my students. How can I get started?
Please head over to our contact page to request more information.